Monday, November 09, 2009

Are You a Misfit?

I'm reading a lot lately of folks that consider themselves to be misfits...even among their own self-identified group of people.

Not Since High School
I haven't felt this way since High School.

There were certain areas where I had a lot of confidence in high school...French class, my part-time job, and at times with my friend Colleen. But for the most part, I felt like a complete misfit. Part of it was rejection by those peers from whom I sought some sort of validation...but the larger part was a self-identified isolation.

As a gay man in an allegedly predominantly heterosexual World, and one who has adopted a hobby that is certainly not mainstream, I think being a misfit would be a likely result. But when you take away the self-identification part, I find that those aberrant characteristics only serve to make me more interesting and multi-dimensional.

Or perhaps self-delusional.

Current Knitting
Was glad to get home to finish my latest sweater project, and I am very grateful to Todd for pulling together such a great pattern (he's also pulled together a Men's Knitting Retreat for this upcoming weekend in the Midwest...busy guy!).

I made a slight change to the sleeve. I figured since it was going to be a pretty warm sweater used on colder days, then I would rib the sleeve cuffs. I'll see what I can do to try and get Thaddeus to model the sweater for y'all...but don't hold your collective breath.

Readers' Comments/Questions
RaenCT asks, "Whats Birmingham like? My husband finally found a job in Birmingham (after a year of unemployment) and will be leaving in a month to start and find a new home for us. I have never been."

I've been down there quite a bit, and it's like most places...there are some wonderful parts and some less than wonderful parts. My experience of Birmingham is very limited...I stayed a great old hotel (the Tutweiler) and walked to my client. I went to a couple of very nice restaurants (John's City Diner and Little Savannah), but other than that, I can really only discuss the airport (which is small, but easy to manage).

Lesleyd271 writes, "In Birmingham AL still? That's where I am! shoot me an email if you want to catch a drink and some knits!!"

No...I actually just finished at that client, and most probably won't be back. Sorry to have missed you.

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